Ready or Not


Ready or Not:   Fly Robin, Fly...
For Empowerment of All People (FEAP)

by Robin Renee Thompson (Whitehead)


About the Author


Robin Renee Thompson is a veteran, advocate for people with disabilities.  She works as a Certified Service Officer (CSO) for disabled veterans out of Chapter 17, Disabled American Veterans (DAV) in Richmond, VA.  She is a survivor of military sexual assault and has a service connected disability from serving in the United States Army.  Her philosophy stresses the active role we live rather than problems posed by a hostile universe filled with epidemics, hunger, drugs, prostitution, poverty, sexual abuse, HIV, unemployment, and other adverse conditions.

Robin has Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and is an advocate for people with disabilities and Military Sexual Trauma (MST).  She works within social reform to make positive changes in people lives and within the community.  She utilizes knowledge from theoretical explanations for clients whom have issues with interactions from chemically, physically, biologically, and environmental active principles.  The perspective paradigm she utilizes consists of Existentialism, Constructivism, and Social Learning Theory within race and culture.  The underpinnings would also include the humanistic perspective.  Robin believes there is a correlation between biological and environmental factors that may be the basis for her doctoral dissertation which she has yet to complete.  She believes it is important to identify abuse, molestation, deviant behaviors, spirituality, and mental health concerns to acquire intervention strategies that will provide people with choices to make changes in their lives.

Robin overcame many obstacles and received her undergraduate BS Degree in Mental Retardation.  She went further to receive her Master’s Degree in Severe Disabilities - Rehabilitation Counseling, and after working with the Department of Rehabilitation Services for one year, she returned to Norfolk State University and received her second Master’s Degree in Social Work under Community Development.  Robin was enrolled in the PhD program of The Ethelyn R. Strong School of Social Work and has completed all her course work, but not her dissertation.  Due to health reasons she had to skip the COMP’s and looked forward to taking them in 2014 but as you can see its 2018.  A PhD. Candidate, (ABD) All But Dissertation, Ms. Robin Renee Thompson is still pursuing her dreams.

Robin also started a non-profit Women’s Organization in 2002 called Seeking Aid Personally (SAP) in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  It was turned into a women’s shelter in 2004 and has since been closed, and in 2010 after returning from Atlanta, GA she renamed SAP to Operation Embrace Bryce (OEB).  Robin was the Women Chairperson for the State Department of Virginia Disabled American Veterans (DAV) for 7 years and worked as a Program Manager for Camp Verna, a Trauma Informed Care Unit in 2013.  Robin's first edition of Fly, Robin Fly took her on a cross country tour from August through November 2006, and she traveled from New York City making appearances all way to California.  She stopped in DC, Maryland, Philadelphia, Ohio, Michigan, Canada, Georgia, Tennessee, Nevada, California, and a few other states and cities.  Robin met other writers and was given advice on how to market the first edition and things to do to make the book better.  It has taken time but once again Robin gives you the information raw, taking the advice from critics and revising her memoirs.

Robin is the CEO and President of Insightful Solutions Consulting (ISC), a partnership with Phillip Shelton where two minds met and think alike, so in 2016 they began ISC.  Please checkout our website  Our focus is to provide counseling, aid the homeless, advocate for juveniles, be community organizers, host one foreign country each year, and conduct 3 homeless missions each year.  Insightful Solutions Consulting is made up of movers and shakers,and inspirational speakers to the disabled, homeless, drug addicts, all abused and battered persons, and all females seeking empowerment or self-actualization.  There is no limit to our role to assist with self-efforts to promote self-awareness, self-redirection, and self-positive motivation with key concepts from Carl Roger's Theory on Self-Actualization.  Robin emphasizes the values of social justice and social responsibility:  "Be responsible for your life and correct mistakes if possible."

Once found non-feasible for education, suicidal, institutionalized, and stripped of all hope. She survived her suicide attempt, and if you are heavily depressed you may not, unless you actively seek help!  This cry is for the military females with MST, gender identity crisis, homelessness, and for empowerment of all people!  Today Robin is an Author, CEO, a friend, and believer of the highest “Yahweh” who she gives all credit to in Jesus Christ name.  Robin said, and I quote - “I am a humanitarian who is determined to make a positive impact on society before I be laid to rest.”  She feels she can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens her and with whom she has faith in.  She is now setting up an "R & R Nest" in Montego Bay, Jamaica to help the impoverished, aide children with school supplies, and volunteer with homeless shelters abroad.  When in the United States she operates out of Palmyra, VA through Insightful Solutions Consulting.

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Insightful Solutions Consulting is a faith-based charitable nonprofit organization that provides a service of choices with guidance, motivation, and assistance for solutions of prevention, intervention, and change to empower a community of displaced individuals.  The displacement may be one of elder care, homelessness, incarceration,  misunderstood youth (orphans and runaways), and abused men, women and children. We involve God for His Love (Agape), Blessings, and Salvation while ensuring displaced people are "Never Forsaken or Forgotten."  Please donate to our Outreach ServicesGFM165x54

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